[sword-devel] experimental repository & new module release procedures

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Oct 6 02:32:13 MST 2009

Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi Chris .......
> Chris Little wrote:
>> I created a new repository over the weekend for experimental modules. 
>> This repo is intended for front end developers. PLEASE DO NOT DIRECT 
>> USERS TO THIS REPOSITORY. It is not for casual users or even very many 
>> people on this list.
> I'm really excited about this!  I've (obviously) downloaded the modules 
> and look forward to playing about with them as soon as one or more of 
> the front ends is far enough along to let me look at them properly.
> With regard to the repo ...  As some of the modules are copyrighted and 
> not able to be released, I honestly think the copyrighted ones should be 
> taken off the master repo list (although obviously kept available for 
> test purposes).  It is just that they are too easy to see, and it could 
> score lots of minus points from the copyright holders if they are seen 
> by them.  As Matthew pointed out, the current release of Xiphos just 
> 'finds' them on update. Just at the moment, we seem to be making a lot 
> of headway with copyright holders, and confidence is rising that Sword 
> is as secure as any other software (and more secure than some!).  I 
> wouldn't want the project to lose ground.  It's too important for that.

My best guess at what you're referring to is the v11nNRSV and v11nNRSVA 
modules, which contain versification data only and no Bible text. And 
maybe even the v11nKJV and v11nKJVA, which are the same, and further 
have nothing to do with the NKJV.


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