[sword-devel] Current downloadable binary Windows SWORD library (and utility) versions?

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sat Oct 3 03:26:01 MST 2009

Matthew Talbert wrote:

> The binaries of SWORD itself (including the utilities) are already
> available and have been available since very soon after the release
> of 1.6.0, both from Crosswire and packaged with Xiphos.

This would seem to suggest that the Xiphos 3.1.1a -supplied version of
osis2mod, which says it is r2169, is really r2400 (1.6.0) or later, in
disguise?  It doesn't appear to have the -d option or the -v option (its
help output lacks them, at least).  Does it secretly include the more
recent post-1.6.0 fixes such as the r2416 compression fix, too?  Or the
even more recent USBINARY definition fix for VC++, so that osis2mod on
Windows can once more create encrypted modules, r2449 from 2009-08-29 ?

I thought this is the kind of use case we are talking about here --
people (SWORD power users, if you like) wanting current SWORD code (in
binary form) for Windows, because the recent SWORD library svn versions
have bug fixes and enhancements which earlier, released, SWORD binaries
for Windows (including, as far as I can tell, those published by Xiphos
as recently as 2009-08-09) lack.

I tried to confirm exactly which fixes are in the Xiphos-provided
osis2mod.exe Windows binary from the 3.1.1a release by downloading and
extracting its corresponding Xiphos source tarball, but the SWORD
utility sources are apparently not included, so I gave up on that.  I'm
guessing there is a separate tarball elsewhere for the exact version of
them that is included in the Xiphos binary installer.  Or did I miss a
"Please install the source code for me too" checkbox when I clicked
through the Xiphos installer?

I don't see a clear way for a Windows only user to download a binary
osis2mod.exe that works for (for example) encrypting a module that has a
non-KJV versification.  Am I just not aware of a good location from
which to download such a binary?  Or, as I rather suspect, would such a
user in fact need to compile their own Windows SWORD library and
utilities, today?

(And yes, I know it is not exactly common for a user to need to create
new Lenningrad-versified encrypted SWORD modules from an OSIS source
document, that's just an example based on recent enhancements and bug


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