[sword-devel] Module options -> Translation and ruby annotaions in Xiphos

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 08:35:06 MST 2009

2009/10/2 jovanni <sword at hamaint.co.jp>:
> When reading Japanese Kougo module ( which has ruby annotations ) with
> Xiphos 3.1, right cricking on the text and selecting [Modules options]
> ->[Tranliteration] , we have alphabetical texts instead of kanji characters.
> For example, japanese text of Genesis 1.1
> はじめに神は天と地とを創造された。
> is transliterated into
> hajimeniShinhaTentoChitowoSouZousareta。
> 'は' correspond to 'ha', 'じ' correspond to 'ji' and so on.
> But '神' should correspond to 'kami' instead of 'Shin', because
> the original OSIS file's ruby annotation should be like
> はじめに<w gloss="かみ">神</w>は<w gloss="てん">天</w>と...
> which says '神' should be pronounciated as 'kami'
> ( 'か' correspond to 'ka' and 'み' correspond to 'mi' ).
> and the resulting transliterated text should be
> hajimenikamihatentotitowosouzousareta.
> Though, there are some exceptions of ruby and pronounciations
> ( expecially in Japanese Bungo text ) , if this rule is properly
> implemented, the resulting text would become more readable.

Chris could tell you more about this than I, but we use ICU for
transliteration, and so it's out of our direct control. However, it is
possible for us (on Windows at least) to include custom
transliterators, so if Chris is willing to do that for Japanese, it
could be corrected (again, I don't know if this could/would work for
linux, but it's easy enough to add for Windows).

In the long run, communicating directly with ICU might be the best way
to go about it.


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