[sword-devel] List of verse ranges (and avoiding svn)

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sun Nov 29 16:30:21 MST 2009

johnduffy at cgcf.net wrote:

> I don't have the 'source' code installed as I'm only keen on 
> producing a module, and there was nothing in the module documentation
> webpage that suggested that I should consider this.

Most of those pages were created before alternative versification was a
reality in SWORD.  Feel free to update them to reflect SWORD 1.6.0
versification capabilities as needed.

> I didn't know that the info I needed was located there.

That's exactly why I pointed it out to you :)

> I'm not keen on another learning curve to install and use TortoiseSVN
> to obtain this info.

OK.  I'm not sure svn is generally likely to be a huge learning problem,
but if for you it really is a significant barrier, you can avoid it!

I have a little script set up on the crosswire.org server that
automatically creates daily source tarballs if there is a change to svn,
and makes the latest one available at


So you could get recent (within 24 hours of "current") SWORD sources
that way if you prefer. (Earlier svn revisions are downloadable as


back as far as r2457, which is when I scripted this.  At some point I'll
delete the older tarballs, obviously.  I should probably write another
little script that deletes all but the last 20 tarballs there, or
something like that -- but so far there are not that many, and the
server has plenty of disk space anyway :)

> At this stage, I think that I'll just check the contents of the
> resulting Sword module instead.

Whatever lets you get your work done is 100% fine :)  Earlier, you
suggested that a list of info about which verses are in each SWORD
versifcation would be helpful to you.  All I was saying is that such a
list does, in effect, already exist, in the form of a set of canon_*.h
files.  Use them if they help you.  Ignore them if not :)


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