[sword-devel] osis2mod - problem with Greek Esther

johnduffy at cgcf.net johnduffy at cgcf.net
Sat Nov 28 18:25:32 MST 2009


I've looked in the past for the Sword definition of the KJVA v11n, but now I
am in need of it, particularly for ESG, S3Y, SUS, BEL.  I have tried to make
a module with Greek Esther and Daniel moved to the relevant additional
books.  However, osis2mod does not recognise ESG 10:4-13, and returns an
error that each verse in the range Esther 10:4-13 (not Greek Esther) is not
in the KJVA v11n.  It is surprising that it reports that it is in Esther,
which it is not, instead of in Greek Esther.  Is this a known issue?  If
not, is this v11n OK:
ESG 10:4-13
ESG 11:1-12
ESG 12:1-6
ESG 13:1-18
ESG 14:1-19
ESG 15:1-16
ESG 16:1-24
S3Y 1:1-68
SUS 1:1-64
BEL 1:1-42

I have reviewed it in Bibledit and they all match the corresponding KJVA
books, verse for verse.


John Duffy

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