[sword-devel] [bt-devel] Unlock Keys and Frontends

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Nov 22 11:05:27 MST 2009

Sorry for the typos.

I also wanted to say, if an example of how to change the .conf file to
add the user supplied CipherKey is desired, I can supply a concise code

As far as user flow specifically for entering a key...
In BibleCS, we show an excerpt from the module, with an edit box for the
user to type their unlock code, with a [Try] button next to it.  The try
button sets the unlock code in the module and re-retrieves the excerpt.
 If the unlock code is correct, the user will see the unencrypted module
excerpt, and they can proceed to hit an [Accept] button to continue.
But again, obviously each frontend will creatively design their own
mechanisms.  I would just like to be sure we have _some_ easy way on
each frontend for our users to know where to obtain and then enter these
unlock codes.


Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> With the recent influx of interest from publisher to make material
> available for our software, I'd like to propose a new .conf entry, and
> encourage frontend developers to polish their facilities for users to
> supply unlock keys for a locked modules.
> The .conf entry I'd like to propose for all locked modules is:
> UnlockURL=
> This would be a URL where to begin the unlock process: Purchase form,
> CCAT user agreement form, whatever.
> Thus the flow in a frontend installer might be to show locked modules
> differently with a special lock icon next to each modules available for
> install, when the module is selected for install, a popup box explaining
> that a key is needed, and for obtaining the key to please visit the
> following URL..., possibly even prompting at this time for the unlock
> key.  Obviously each frontend with be creative, as usual, but I believe
> this is a missing, critical piece we need to supply to frontends, for
> them to build a smooth flow for the user.
> 	-Troy.
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