[sword-devel] Unlock Keys and Frontends

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Nov 22 10:52:44 MST 2009

With the recent influx of interest from publisher to make material
available for our software, I'd like to propose a new .conf entry, and
encourage frontend developers to polish their facilities for users to
supply unlock keys for a locked modules.

The .conf entry I'd like to propose for all locked modules is:


This would be a URL where to begin the unlock process: Purchase form,
CCAT user agreement form, whatever.

Thus the flow in a frontend installer might be to show locked modules
differently with a special lock icon next to each modules available for
install, when the module is selected for install, a popup box explaining
that a key is needed, and for obtaining the key to please visit the
following URL..., possibly even prompting at this time for the unlock
key.  Obviously each frontend with be creative, as usual, but I believe
this is a missing, critical piece we need to supply to frontends, for
them to build a smooth flow for the user.


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