[sword-devel] Forum and website descriptions for BibleTime - please update

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Nov 16 04:41:00 MST 2009

Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Nov 2009, David Haslam wrote:
>> Dear Eeli,
>> Would you also like to have any changes in the
>> http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/ wiki ?
>> David
> Thanks for the quick response. I have a wiki account and can edit it
> myself. But the web site heading is still wrong - I would prefer plain
> "BibleTime" just like the other programs have only their name.
> BTW, mentioning MacOSX wasn't an accident, we are going to release Mac
> builds. Mentioning BSD is not bad either, but most BSD users should be
> able to deduct that it runs on it, and mentioning all possible platforms
> isn't possible. Actually BibleTime cross-platformity is limited mostly
> by Qt and sword and some smaller libraries which are all very portable.
> Maybe "Linux/Unix" would be proper because it means all *nix platforms
> in general.

I switched it to "Linux/Unix and Windows". I'm happy to add Mac OS X to 
the list and to add it to the Mac OS X category, but I'd like to see a 
binary linked from bibletime.info first, since that's where the 
CrossWire links point.

Let us know when a Mac binary is posted (other than just to bt-devel) 
and we can add it to the Mac list.

> Also the "...and it makes working with..." was on purpose with "it". The
> window layout isn't the only thing which makes working with large
> numbers of text modules easy. BibleTime has the unique "Grouping"
> feature in the bookshelf view so that user can see modules grouped e.g.
> under Bibles->English, English->Bibles, Bibles, English, or without
> grouping. It also has a quick filter for module names to find one and it
> has an easy way to show all modules in the list or only some selected.
> But I didn't want to be too wordy and tried to communicate "BibleTime
> also makes working with...". Maybe "Its window layout is very versatile
> which with some other features makes working with..."

I put "BibleTime" in the position of the previous "it", which should 
communicate your intent.


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