[sword-devel] curl library and download termination

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Nov 6 17:16:24 MST 2009

Yeah, Eeli, I would guess Matthew is correct about your changes breaking
binary compat, though I HOPE we haven't broken binary compat since 1.6.0.

Safe rule to follow is not to change anything in header files needed to
compile a frontend app.  For example, we've added canon*.h header files
since 1.6.0, but those header files should only be required when
building the engine-- not when building BT, Xiphos, etc.

Back to a solution....

I guess we can we just do things the long cheesy way now with some silly
static class definition in CURLFTPTransport.cpp:

struct PrivateData {
 PrivateData(CURLFTPTransport *t, StatusReporter *sr) : trans(t),
statRep(sr) {}
 CURLFTPTransport *trans;
 StatusReporter *statRep;

PrivateData p(this, statusReporter);
curl_easy_setopt(session, CURLOPT_PROGRESSDATA, &p);

I agree, the return value should do more than just return -1 on anything
other than CURLE_OK.


Matthew Talbert wrote:
>> However, when I tried to test it with Xiphos the app failed to install
>> modules every time right after beginning. It didn't recover even when I
>> changed back to standard sword package. I used LD_LIBRARY_PATH, I didn't
>> compile Xiphos. I'm not sure if this was the reason for the error
>> because it shouldn't affect after using different library binary.
> Eeli,
> Are you building from svn or are you patching 1.6.0? Either way, if
> you provide a patch I can test it.
> As far as binary compatibility, if you're building from svn, I'm
> fairly positive we've already broken binary compatibility since 1.6.0.
> In addition, I think your changes (as I understand them) break binary
> compatibility as well. See
> http://techbase.kde.org/Policies/Binary_Compatibility_Issues_With_C++
> for just one discussion of this. Perhaps I'm not understanding what
> you're doing.
> Matthew
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