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DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Tue Nov 3 04:32:30 MST 2009

On Nov 3, 2009, at 5:46 AM, <johnduffy at cgcf.net> <johnduffy at cgcf.net>  

> Hi,
> I'm trying to understand how to convert an osis file to a  
> functioning module
> in a Sword frontend.  I'm following the steps at the wiki
> http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/DevTools:Modules, and using
> sword-utilities-1.6.0-r2473.


That page is not as useful as this one:

> However, after 'importing' the osis file, or rather converting it to  
> four
> files (ot.vss, ot, nt.vss, nt), I am not clear as to what to do  
> next.  The
> next step seems ambiguous:
> "To compress a Bible, commentary, or LD module, use the mod2zmod  
> utility.
> First you will need to install the module so that it can be accessed  
> using
> the SWORD engine. Next, run:" and then gives the syntax for the  
> compression
> executable mod2zmod.  But does that mean that I should install the  
> module
> before compressing it by running mod2zmod?

Don't use mod2zmod, rather use osis2mod to compress it.

Generally, I'll create the following folders in the same directory as  
my xyz.xml file:
(where xyz is the lower case [name] of the module, in the conf.)
In mods.d, I'll put my xyz.conf. Osis2mod does not need it, but it  
makes a later step easier.

I'll then run the following:
	osis2mod modules/texts/ztext/xyz xyz.xml -z

Then I'll package it as a "raw" zip file with:
(Note, XYZ is the exact casing of the [name] in the conf.)
	zip -r XYZ.zip modules mods.d

During development it is useful to build an uncompressed module so you  
can read the files. I generally will create a simple folder, say "raw"  
for output (that way I don't have to dig down a long path for the  
files). Since I am debugging, I'll often use the -d option on osis2mod  
to mark each verse with it's reference:
	osis2mod raw xyz.xml -d 2

>  If so, how do I install it?  The
> instructions later on for installing a module imply that a single  
> module or
> folder with module files is produced.  All I have is the four  
> files.  I've
> been unable to compress them, as mod2zmod is looking for a module  
> name,
> which I don't have.  Am I doing something wrong?

No you are not doing something wrong. Mod2zmod is very useful to  
compress modules that are currently installed and not compressed. It  
is awkward otherwise.

I think it will look for mods.d and modules in the current folder and  
use mods.d/xyz.conf to find the module under modules/.
You might need to copy mod2zmod to the same folder as mods.d and  
modules. (I think that is needed on Windows. It is not on the Mac or  
on Un*x/Linux).

Hope this helps.

In Him,

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