[sword-devel] osis2mod import issue

Ryan adyeths at gmail.com
Sat May 30 08:29:28 MST 2009

> I appended <p><chapter eID="Gen.1" osisID="Gen.1"/></div> to make it  
> be a valid fragment.
> The above fragment is not good OSIS. The opening <p> should be within  
> the chapter.

ok, I did not know that. I will adjust the opening <p> so it appears
within the chapter.

> I cannot see your problem. Here is what I see:
> In Gen 0:0, The paragraph precedes the title.
> In Gen 1:0, It merely contains the chapter element.
> In Gen 1:1, It only has the verse content.
> In Gen 1:2, It has the verse content and the closing paragraph is  
> appended to the verse.
> In Gen 1:3, It starts with a milestoned x-preverse div containing the  
> opening paragraph and is followed by the verse content.
> In Gen 1:4, It starts with the verse content and then finishes the  
> paragraph, chapter and div (book).
> It appears that the module contains everything from your input.

> When you say it doesn't "work", what do you mean? Are you looking at  
> the module file to see whether it is present or not? Or are you not  
> seeing the verse in some front-end? If so, which are you using?

When I say it doesn't work I mean I cannot see the text when using any
of the frontends I have access to right now. xiphos 3.1, bibletime 2.0,
and the command line diatheke. They never display the verses that follow
the </p><p> tags in my modules. Just empty verse references.

I looked at the generated modules themselves to see what was going on
and can see that the verse content is actually there.

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