[sword-devel] Problems with LXXM module in CrossWire beta

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon May 25 13:49:01 MST 2009

Mike Hart wrote:
> ANY module in the production repository should work. 

We're not talking about that.

> The beta repository should be for things that are supposed to work. Issues found with modules on the beta repository are supposed to be reported.

The beta repository is for stuff that is not ready for release (or not
confirmed ready for release). That includes content that is entirely
experimental as well as content that requires a version of Sword not yet

I'm not of the opinion that users outside of the development community
here should ever have been directed to the beta repository. It's
explicitly not for them, though there is a chance that they may be able 
to make use of some content in some cases.

> If we're posting modules that are truly experimental and not content verification, shouldn't they be in another repository? That is, put stuff that is not in beta testing somewhere besides the beta repository. Users (like me) who don't code do access the beta repository with the intent of helping to verify things work and to get a first look at new stuff. They won't be (and shouldn't need to be) fully aware of all the coding going on in the background. 
> Create an alpha, skunkworks, etc. branch for hashing out code. The beta branch is (should be) for content. 

We've considered adding additional repositories on crosswire.org, 
including an experimental repo. I'm still mulling a slight 
reorganization of the module testing/release process. If any new repos 
are created, they would be part of that process change.


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