[sword-devel] Doxyfile patch and Documentation for 1.6.0

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Sat May 16 18:33:53 MST 2009


Since the Doxyfile was moved from the root of the SWORD source to the
doc/ directory, some of its paths needed to be updated.  As such, the
Doxyfile in 1.6.0 and SVN won't work without the attached patch (I
suppose it might if you're in the root of SWORD and manually invoke
"doxygen doc/Doxyfile" from there).  With the patch applied, you need
only drop into the doc/ directory of library and issue the command
"doxygen" and it will generate the documents, provided you have the
necessary libraries, etc.

Also, you can find the generated HTML version of the docs at
LaTeX documents are also generated by the Doxyfile for compilation to
PDF, but the resulting PDF doesn't look so great because of the
massive images files for the UML inheritance tree.  I might think
about taking those images out of the PDFs for future releases if
people are highly interested in the PDF versions of the docs.

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