[sword-devel] SWORD utils frontends

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sat May 16 13:57:57 MST 2009

I'm wondering whether it might end up being simpler to create a Python
(or whatever your chosen portable scripting language is) GUI wrapper for
the SWORD utilities, that people run locally on their own machine,
rather than a web UI for a central server?  Login authentication already
exists on the user's machine, there is no need to move possibly large
files back and forth, no worries about whose files they are, multiple
users at once are handled by the users OS (on multi-user OSes only, of
course), etc.

Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:

> OpenId is quite neat. ...

It is, but (unless something changed in the last few months) it has one
drawback that is hindering its usefulness: for it to work well, you need
to trust that the security of each OpenID provider you accept is solid.
 And in the security world, the default is that no-one trusts anyone else!

So what is happening is that everyone is an OpenID provider, and
everyone accepts their own provider as being sufficiently secure... so
it looks like their site is trendy and accepts OpenID.  However, many
places do not accept other providers.  Or did not, when I tried it!

At least last time I tried this, an OpenID created on LaunchPad was not
accepted by SourceForge, for example.  Because of this, I just gave up
and continue to remember and use about 50+ passwords!

Hmmm, I just tried again, and after a couple of odd things happening
(like being asked to associate my OpenID with my SF account, doing so,
and getting sent to a blank web page!), it now seems to be working :)
So maybe things really are improving, or I just had back luck the first
time I tried out OpenID?


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