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Sun May 10 22:46:23 MST 2009

OpenID is an open, decentralized standard for user authentication and
access control, allowing users to log onto many services with the same
digital identity. As such, it replaces the common login process that
uses a login-name and a password, by allowing a user to log in once
and gain access to the resources of multiple software systems.[1]

An OpenID is in the form of a unique URL, and is authenticated by the
user's 'OpenID provider' (that is, the entity hosting their OpenID
URL).[1] The OpenID protocol does not rely on a central authority to
authenticate a user's identity. Since neither the OpenID protocol nor
Web sites requiring identification may mandate a specific type of
authentication, non-standard forms of authentication can be used, such
as smart cards, biometrics, or ordinary passwords.

OpenID authentication is used and provided by several large websites.
Organizations like AOL, BBC,[2] Google,[3] IBM, Microsoft,[4] MySpace,
Orange, PayPal, VeriSign, Yandex, Ustream and Yahoo! act as

In mid-January 2008, Yahoo! announced initial OpenID 2.0 support, both
as a provider and as a relying party, releasing the provider service
by the end of the month.[30] In early February, Google, IBM,
Microsoft, VeriSign, and Yahoo! joined the OpenID Foundation as
corporate board members.[31] Around early May, SourceForge, Inc.
introduced OpenID provider and relying party support to leading open
source software development website[32] In late July,
popular social network service MySpace announced support for OpenID as
a provider.[33] In late October, Google launched support as an OpenID
provider, and Microsoft announced that Windows Live ID would support
OpenID.[34] In November, JanRain announced a free hosted service, RPX
Basic, that allows websites to begin accepting OpenIDs for
registration and login without having to install, integrate, and
configure the OpenID open source libraries.[35]

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