[sword-devel] Problem with display of references

Adrian Korten adrian_korten at sil.org
Tue May 12 03:12:09 MST 2009

>> To see if this is a UI problem try it in Xiphos on Windows which uses 
>> the SWORD engine. To see if it is an encoding problem, try 
>> BibleDesktop, which uses the JSword engine.
> Xiphos displayed ThML well but could not find the verse links in OSIS 
> format. So I'd guess that the problem is the Sword engine. I'll try 
> BibleDesktop later today but it would be a nuisance for current users 
> to have to change the program to get better display.
BibleDesktop displayed it as Thai and jumped to the links.


p.s. What I didn't like about Xiphos and BibleDesktop is that they 
installed to my admin account but the bibles could not be accessed from 
my limited user account where I do most of my work. Secondly, I'd like 
to set specific fonts and sizes for my Thai text but didn't see how to 
do that. -- I did like the simple and clear lay-outs.

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