[sword-devel] Problem with display of references

Adrian Korten adrian_korten at sil.org
Mon May 11 21:12:19 MST 2009

I updated my test OSIS file and tried it with the Windows Sword Project 
and Xiphos. I still had problems with the display of linked verses. See 

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> On May 7, 2009, at 4:46 AM, Adrian Korten wrote:
>> Or is it something else? Nor have I tested it with other programs on 
>> other platforms because most of the users will be Windows users and 
>> most already have the Sword Project version.
> To see if this is a UI problem try it in Xiphos on Windows which uses 
> the SWORD engine. To see if it is an encoding problem, try 
> BibleDesktop, which uses the JSword engine.
Xiphos displayed ThML well but could not find the verse links in OSIS 
format. So I'd guess that the problem is the Sword engine. I'll try 
BibleDesktop later today but it would be a nuisance for current users to 
have to change the program to get better display.

>> - OSIS example <reference osisRef="Jer.32.39">ch. 32:39</reference>
> This is the proper form and should show "ch. 32:39" as the text for a 
> hyperlink.
If a link of chapter:verse only is available, it assumes the current 
Bible book.
>> - english ref test <reference osisRef="Act.12.5"> Lukes book 
>> </reference>
>> $$$BEAR, THE
>> The kingdom of Antichrist<br /><reference>Rev 13:2</reference>
> This is not a proper reference as it has no osisRef. It should display 
> Rev 13:2, but not as a hyperlink.
Otherwise, the program only handles English names in the display portion 
and ignores the links in the XML portion.
>> $$$ประกาศ
>> โดยพระคริสต์ <reference osisRef="Eph.2.17, Act.10.36"> เอเฟซัส 2:17 
>> กิจการ 10:36 </reference><br />
> This is not a valid osisRef as it is using a comma and not a space for 
> a separator.
I corrected these but it did not help.
>> โดย ผู้รับใช้พระเจ้า <reference osisRef="Isa.52.7, Rom.10.15"> อิสยาห์ 52:7, 
>> โรม 10:15 </reference><br />
>> โดยทูตสวรรค์ <reference osisRef="Luk.2.14"> ลูกา 2:14 </reference><br />
>> $$$จะพิพากษา
>> เผยความในใจ <reference osisRef="Lev.12.14, 1Co.4.5">ปัญญาจารย์ 12:14 1 
>> โครินธ์ 4:5</reference><br />
>> ผู้ใดจะยืนอยู่ได้ได้ <reference osisRef="Psa.130.3, 143.2, Rom 3:19">สดุดี 
>> 130:3 143:2 โรม 3:19</reference><br />
> This is not a valid osisRef, not only because of the comma, but also:
> Psa is not the OSIS name for Psalms.
> 143.2 does not have a book name.
> Rom 3:19 is not an OSIS ref as it uses spaces and colon.
> While it is not a valid osisRef, both the SWORD and JSword engines 
> probably don't care and probably can create a verse list from it just 
> fine.
> And while it is valid to have an osisRef point to more than one verse, 
> I don't think the SWORD engine handles it all that well. Most SWORD 
> frontends are chapter at a time viewers. Having a reference point to 
> two or more chapters would be problematic. (The same probably goes for 
> ThML, too.)
> It would be better to encode this last one as:
> <reference osisRef="Ps.130.3">สดุดี 130:3</reference> <reference 
> osisRef="Ps.143.2">สดุดี 143:2</reference> <reference 
> osisRef="Rom.3:19">โรม 3:19</reference>
Tried that also but it did not work.
> Hope this helps.
> DM
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