[sword-devel] Problem with display of references

Adrian Korten adrian_korten at sil.org
Thu May 7 02:04:52 MST 2009

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> Good day,
> I am trying to help with a Thai version of Torrey's New Topical 
> Textbook. However, the references are not working as I expected. Could 
> someone please explain what I'm doing wrong or if it is a bug or 
> missing feature? I am using the Sword Project for Windows but don't 
> know this has to do with the sword engine or the UI.
> I have tried this with ThML and OSIS style references in a IMP file. 
> They have different results but the end result is not what I'd like. I 
> have attached my test files. What I would like is to only display the 
> Thai text in the lexicon window. I'd like to have a pop-up or jump-to 
> verse selection available. What I would like is for it to read the 
> English/standard bible references but display the Thai references.
> Instead, the OSIS version seems to read and display only the Thai 
> references and does not pop up a verse or display a verse list. While 
> the ThML version seems to read and display the English/standard 
> references and then pop up a verse(s) or display a verse list.
> I have not tested this a fully conformant OSIS or ThML document. Is 
> that the problem? Or is it something else? Nor have I tested it with 
> other programs on other platforms because most of the users will be 
> Windows users and most already have the Sword Project version.
> ak
Just tried it with GnomeSword v2.4.1 running on Ubuntu and it seemed to 
work with the ThML but not the OSIS test files.

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