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I've not got set up with all the utilities etc for Sword yet, but plan to do
so shortly.

In the meantime, I thought that I would try to provide the Irish
localisation texts of the Bible names.  I've put together a conf file
(attached) along the lines suggested, but it is untested.  If you have time,
can you please check it to see if it is OK, as I can't check it yet? (I
expect it to be OK, but then again no-one ever expects bugs!).  I believe
that it is UTF8 generated in jEdit, but I don't know how to check this.

There are only 73 books in the Irish Bible, but I've put included the
English names of the other books in case they just need to be there for the
file to work.

Let me know if there is anything else I need to change/do for this

John Duffy

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Hope the ALL CAPS gets through your spam filters.

Now that we're on the brink of releasing the 1.6.x branch publicly, and
we've nailed down the v11n systems to include, we could really use help
updating the locale files to include information to take advantage of the
new alternate versification (av11n) feature.

1.6.x uses a new locale format which replaces the old system of using book
numbers with OSIS book names.

Work to convert the existing locales has already taken place and is included
in the 1.6.0RC3 package.

What is NOT included are translations and abbreviations of the new book 
names from the new versification systems we are releasing in 1.6.0. 
This means that these books will appear in English until translations 
are provided.

I've updated the locale template which is included in our source tree at:


Included is an #Apocr comment which separates the old book names above 
it, from the new book names below.  Also included is a new updated and 
expanded commentary on how to tune your locale abbreviations to better 
parse input from users.

The existing locales can be seen in SVN here:


Please submit any updated locales, and be sure to try them first with:

sword/tests/parsekey jn1.1 <your_locale_abbrev>

to be sure the sanity check tests pass.

If you get them in to me soon, they might even get bundled in 1.6.0!

Thank you for making SWORD usable by so many people groups!


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