Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed May 6 00:20:43 MST 2009

> I'm just wondering how 'choices' are handled.
> i.e different german bibles have different booknames sometimes.
> Like Job is called Ijob in some translations and Hiob in others.
> Ecclesiastes is called 'kohelet' or 'prediger'

Bibles are welcomed to include <title>s at the start of each book which 
will be displayed in context, if they'd like.

But the locale files provide a system-wide translation of book names, 
abstract from any particular Bible or Commentary or other module.

Multiple names can be added in the abbreviation section of the locale so 
all the various names for a single book will parse correctly to the 
appropriate book.

Good point though: a frontend might desire to specialize all references 
using module specific book titles, and then we would have to extend the 
module's .conf file to provide such.

Though, I'm not sure how high of a priority any desires for such would 
push this item up, e.g., I usually don't want my Hebrew or Greek 
references shown in Hebrew or Greek, but rather in my preferred locale 
and naming.

Thanks for the question.  It is interesting to explore and might make 
the todo list eventually!


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