[sword-devel] LocalePath

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun May 3 18:11:59 MST 2009

Dear Matthew,

Does the entire contents your sword.conf file look like this:


sword.conf exists in your working directory on Windows (same location as 
you .exe, I believe, unless you specify using a magic .pif file or some 
such) and you have a locales.d/ folder also in your working directory?

If so, and things still don't work, this sounds like a bug I need to fix.

Please keep me posted.


Matthew Talbert wrote:
>>> Addition of a new keyword in sword.conf
>>> LocalePath=
>>> If this is specified, this path will be the only one checked (no AugmentPath
>>> entries will be checked for locales).
>> Will this LocalePath be allowed to be relative? If not, I don't think
>> that it solves our problem for Xiphos on Windows.
> I have just now had a chance to test this. It doesn't work, at least
> in our situation and probably in others. I have a sword.conf in the
> same directory as the binary with a single entry 'LocalePath="./"'.
> Instead of using this, it always uses the locales.d located at
> SWORD_PATH/locales.d whether they are the correct version or not. We
> cannot depend on SWORD_PATH being set to a location that includes
> correct locales, so this is not a workable solution for us.
> Matthew
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