[sword-devel] 3 John 1:14-15 (versification) in existing SWORD modules

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri May 1 06:13:31 MST 2009

Martin Zibricky wrote:
> Is there any mechanism of hosting multiple version of the same modules?
> e.g. one version without alternate versification and one with it?

Apart from the obvious one - renaming modules - there might also be a
mechanism by combining version number and sword lib number in the conf
file. The module manager AFAIK does not show modules which rely on
higher sword lib version than available, while also filtering out those
modules with lower version number.

So if a module is twice present, once as 1.0 relying on Sword 1.5.9 and
once as 1.1 relying on 1.6 this should work as filter if I got things
right in my head. But others are in a better position to confirm this.


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