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Thu Mar 19 13:51:42 MST 2009

BPBible locale uses Jud for Judges rather than Jude.  I don't think it
is possible to tell easily which one the user might "expect" (though
Jud 19:2 is a pretty fair giveaway), but the modules should be made
unambiguous (if it were using OSIS, as it probably will in the future,
then I think it would use OSIS refs, which are (or should be)

> (b) References to "Jud X:Y" should *never* link into Revelation. =A0Eithe=
> Jud is an invalid book abbrevation, in which case BT should probably say
> that in the mag window, or else it is a valid book abbreviation for
> either Judges (so link there) or Jude (so link there, if the chapter and
> verse exist, and display a warning if they don't). =A0But linking into
> Revelation in these circumstances is just plain wrong... surely?

In Sword, Jude X:Y, is Revelation X - 1: Y when X > 1.  I don't think
that behaviour desirable, but some people seem to like it.

> (c) I'd expect that a quick fix would be to change all the references
> that start with "Jud " in the ISBE into "Judg " and then compile the
> resulting text back into a module again. =A0That's theoretically a simple
> one liner:
> =A0mod2imp ISBE |sed -e 's/>Jud />Judg /g' |imp2ld ISBE ISBE
> On my system that takes up 100% of one CPU core... for a long time...!
> I'm not sure if I did something wrong in the command above, am just too
> impatient to wait for it to run, or if imp2ld is buggy on my system in
> some way?
> Overall, this whole thing feels so odd that I'm not opening a bug yet.
> Can someone confirm that my reasoning above is basically correct, and
> offer an opinion on whether this is just a buggy module (ISBE) or a BT
> bug or even a SWORD library bug, or some combination thereof?

I'll say it's a module bug, myself, and that's how BPBible treats it
(though Ben did change the locale to make it work anyway).


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