[sword-devel] Parashah

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Mar 25 10:31:33 MST 2009

Is this in any way formally different from a pericope or section? I 
would simply use <div type="section">. If you need to carry any 
additional information (e.g. the pe and samekh marks) you have the 
subtype and n attributes on <div>.

I don't believe we do anything special with pe & samekh in our existing 
texts other than perhaps bold them for presentation if they are present.


David Haslam wrote:
> A  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parashah parashah  (Hebrew: "portion,"
> plural: parashot or parashiyyot) formally means a section of a biblical book
> in the masoretic text of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible). 
> Any thoughts about making provision for this in OSIS markup ?
> Question is prompted by a recent topic in the 
> http://jolon.org/vanillaforum/ Go Bible Forum .
> -- David

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