[sword-devel] SweFolk issues

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Mar 23 23:59:59 MST 2009

Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> 1. Interesting that it bypassed the beta repo entirely.

This module was done on Saturday. No one tests anything in the Beta 
repo, so I tested it in a few frontends on Sunday until it appeared to 
me that everything was satisfactory.

> 2. It is misnamed.  I have been in touch with Larsson quite a bit over
> the past weekend, and he wishes the year "1998" made part of the module
> name.  There is a revision in the works, not yet ready for prime time,
> which they will want to make available in the future, and he wishes for
> both this current module and the coming revision module to be able to
> co-exist.  My version, not publicly visible yet, is SweFB1998.

Sounds fine. I've re-issued under the name SweFolk1998.

> 3. The .conf contains both of these:
>    DistributionLicense=Public Domain
>    DistributionLicense=Copyrighted; Permission to distribute granted to CrossWire

Thanks for catching this.

> Quite the rush job.

Kinda ironic. What happened to release early, release often?


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