[sword-devel] [sword-support] deuterocanonical support

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 09:38:09 MST 2009

> As far as our version scheme, we used to follow linux kernel version
> standards of having x.y.z, even y as stable and odd as development.  As the
> linux kernel no longer does this, I supposed we still follow linux kernel
> versioning scheme :)  We should have a plan again soon.  We actually had a
> roadmap to 2.0 in Jira with versioning standardized again.  Perhaps we
> should relook at this.  But really, how big of a deal is it?  What real
> world difference does it make if we call it 1.5.12 or 1.6.0?  It hasn't made
> much difference for the linux kernel.  In principal, of course I agree we
> should try to make our version system say more than just 'it's easy to see
> this version is newer than that, but that's about it'.

It makes a lot of difference to packagers, and a few of them have
asked on this list previously about it with little to no response. In
general, packagers expect that point releases will not break API *or*
ABI compatibility.

As it's quite easy to comply with that understanding, is there any
reason not to? (Assuming of course, that SWORD cares about PR things
like getting into distros.)


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