[sword-devel] [sword-support] deuterocanonical support

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Mar 16 06:11:54 MST 2009

One last quick note.

>> I hope I never gave the impression that 1.5.12 was to be a quick bugfix.

This wasn't meant to say that I didn't hope to release earlier, just 
that I has always intended to move forward with the next release 
including the new functionality.  I am sorry it has taken such time to 
stabilize the new features in the engine.  I would love for someone to 
step up and be willing to maintain a 1.6.x stable branch with only bug 
fixes.  We historically have not had anyone come forward willing to own 
a stable, bugfix only branch.

The last couple months has been spent working with the various frontend 
developers making sure the next release worked with their frontend and 
fixing things that didn't.  I felt this time was much more valuable than 
trying to stick to a pedantic 6 month release cycle.  Of course I would 
have loved to release all the new features, all stable, at 6 months; 
that wasn't an option.  I had to make a choice.  Again, please know I 
would also love for someone to own stable bugfix only branches.  Any takers?


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