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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Mar 16 05:07:01 MST 2009

A couple quick clarifications about av11n and others...

There are technically 2 routes to support this under development:

1) ripping out the hardcoded KJV canon.h offsets and replacing them with 
VerseMgr, which allows registration of canon.h-like v11n systems.

2) genbook Bibles

Both have been under development and 2 requires 1.

1 is complete and constitutes SVN HEAD, so if you are using SVN HEAD and 
consider it stable, then that is a good thing.

SVN HEAD only has 1 registered v11n: KJV.  Chris is adding a few more 
and then we hope to release.

I hope I never gave the impression that 1.5.12 was to be a quick bugfix.

As far as our version scheme, we used to follow linux kernel version 
standards of having x.y.z, even y as stable and odd as development.  As 
the linux kernel no longer does this, I supposed we still follow linux 
kernel versioning scheme :)  We should have a plan again soon.  We 
actually had a roadmap to 2.0 in Jira with versioning standardized 
again.  Perhaps we should relook at this.  But really, how big of a deal 
is it?  What real world difference does it make if we call it 1.5.12 or 
1.6.0?  It hasn't made much difference for the linux kernel.  In 
principal, of course I agree we should try to make our version system 
say more than just 'it's easy to see this version is newer than that, 
but that's about it'.

We spent time working with frontend projects to help them compile 
against SVN.  Bibletime, Xiphos, SwordReader, MacSword, SWORDWeb all 
compile and run again current SVN HEAD with uses the new av11n framework 
(1 above).

If you have successfully compiled against SVN, your code should work 
fine against KJV Bibles.  You can still instantiate a VerseKey on its 
own and for backward compatibility we default its v11n to KJV.  We tried 
really hard not to break existing functionality and think we've done a 
good job proved by the above mentioned apps running against SVN HEAD and 
supporting the currently released module set.

As we release new modules which designate that they use a different 
versification scheme, then you may need to change how you use the engine 
to support these newer modules.

I find no reason to NOT release the engine which supports alternate v11n 
Bibles because some frontends have not yet updated to use the new 
features of the engine.  To repeat: we haven't downgraded the 
functionality of these frontends; they just won't take advantage of the 
new features in the engine until they change their code to take 
advantage of new features in the engine.  This seems normal to me.

I hope I'm being fair.

I've been refused entrance to the UK again and have to sort out my 
paperwork before being exported to Italy tomorrow.  Would appreciate 
your prayers and grace if I don't add much to the conversation for the 
next few days.


Ben Morgan wrote:
> On 16/03/2009, *David Haslam* <d.haslam at ukonline.co.uk 
> <mailto:d.haslam at ukonline.co.uk>> wrote:
>     Can someone please clarify whether "deuterocanonical" support in the
>     pipeline
>     is just extending scope of the canonical support to the 75 books
>     found in
>     many Catholic Bibles, or if it also will address the pseudo-epigraphical
>     books as found in the Ethiopian (Amharic script) Bibles?
> I believe it will - sometime.
>     Also, how utilities such as IMP2MOD with its command switch called
>     "append"
>     will work in the context of an extended canon for the SWORD API?
>     If I recall correctly, individual books are placed in the right
>     order when
>     "append" is used, which would seem to imply that a specified order
>     would be
>     required for the deuterocanonical books, even though the order varies in
>     different Catholic translations
> Append just adds data to the modules. Order is not important here. I 
> presume there would be one order that was used (though others could be 
> added).
> -- 
> God Bless,
> Ben
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