[sword-devel] compiling sword library with CLucene

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 00:00:59 MST 2009

> The default build that comes out of the CMake file has WIN32,
> _WINDOWS, _DEBUG, CMAKE_INTDIR defined for the CLucene build file that
> I'm using, and that's it.  However, when looking through
> clucene-config.h and CLConfig.h in the CLucene build directories, it
> appears that they default to using the UNICODE build and that you
> define _ASCII if you want to force the library into ASCII mode.  So I
> believe that we're using a Unicode-enabled build.
> --Greg

Greg and I discussed this some more, and I'm not quite as sure as I
was, but he's currently having some (possibly unrelated) issues with
clucene so we can't quite nail it down yet. If there are any experts
on any of this (I'm assuming there aren't from the lack of response to
previous questions, although I'm curious as to how BibleCS overcomes
these issues), then we'd like to hear from them.


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