[sword-devel] Wiki front end comparison - a intermediate summary

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Mar 1 16:33:24 MST 2009

Thanks  Brian,

Brian Fernandes wrote:
> Peter,
> Truly a great effort and a good list of features for frontend authors to
> refer to and improve.

It started as a way for users to compare, but I think ultimatrely it
will be much more useful to developers etc.

> I want to edit the FireBible rows a bit, but would like to make a few
> clarifications first; I will wait for your response before editing the
> tables or you can go ahead and edit it yourself. Since you left several
> columns blank for FireBible, I thought you may have sent me an email
> with some questions but I haven't received anything - so here is some
> info anyway.

No, my fault. but please just add your info

> 1) Daily Devotionals
> FB does support daily devotionals, so I've added a "yes" here. What does
> Automatic mean though? Automatically brings up the devotional when you
> start he application? Something I have been considering for awhile.

Some do, some at least oopen at the correct date. Some don't either.

> 2) Indexing (currently marked "no")
> When you search a Bible using the toolbar, it is automatically indexed
> if an index does not already exist (using JSword/Lucene) is this the
> indexing you are talking about?

yes. So FireBible will index automatically?

> 3) Archiving / New Content Immediately Avaialble
> Can you explain what you mean by these two?

Archiving/Hiding - I added somthing to the table - it means that modules
can be taked out of sight but are not deleted. ks again, just a

New Content immediately available - some frontends require restart

> 4) Image support
> FireBible (since 0.8.5) does support Image Gen books and Map/Image
> modules. It supports all image formats that Firefox can display, but you
> cannot yet resize images.


Thanks again. Justr go ahead and add your stuff. It looks great.


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