[sword-devel] Wiki front end comparison - a intermediate summary

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Mar 1 16:23:45 MST 2009

DM Smith wrote:
> Peter, (and others)
> A couple of thoughts regarding this wiki.
> First, I think it is going very well. Kudos to all that have helped. I
> can see a lot of effort has gone into this!

> I think it would be good to have an explanation of the column headings
> under each table. Many of the headings are clear to us as developers,
> some are not. (As shown by Brian's questions) Since the headings are
> terse by nature, having an explanation for all would be good. I think a
> simple list with the heading repeated in bold would be good.

You are right and I see you have done so. I expanded on those where I
was too terse.

> Also, should every table repeat the OS listing? I think having it once
> in the first table with a link on the page to CrossWire's home would be
> sufficient.

You are probably right. I left it there as I created the tables from
copies of the original single long table. It can probably go.


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