[sword-devel] Passage lists as user editable modules (was Re: Wiki front end comparison - a intermediate summary)

Jonathan Morgan jonmmorgan at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 02:28:36 MST 2009

On Sun, Mar 1, 2009 at 1:39 PM, Peter von Kaehne <refdoc at gmx.net> wrote:
> I have worked now several hours on the wiki comparison page.


> d) Bookmarks/tags/lists - all these appear essentially similar as a
> concept, but with some drastic differences in terms of access, usability
> and sub features. No application has a complete superset of all others
> in terms of subfeatures in this field. As a concept, bookmarks appear to
> me a version of lexicon (or possibly a structured GenBook)_- at least
> this is how many frontends have gone (some like BibleSword even bring a
> lexicon like preloaded bookmark list)- but none actually have gone the
> whole hog and have created a user editable LexDict module with their
> book marks. Take this as a hint :-)

I have had this on my todo list for at least half a year, because it
is much closer to optimal for a large subset of the tasks I am looking
at.  If you look at how Firefox implements bookmarks, they are stored
as an HTML file, which is very similar.

A few comments:
1. Depending on how you choose to do it, this could be very fragile if
the user edits the Genbook (I of course have ways around this in mind,
but they are somewht vague at present).
2. LexDict is a very bad idea because it will require topics to be
listed in lexicographical order, whereas IMHO it should be stored in
the order the user chooses to order them (maybe they have some special
reason for ordering them that way?), though certainly ordering it
alphabetically could be handy in some circumstances, and searchability
is important.  Also, previous discussions on sword-devel suggested a
preference for hierarchical verse lists (which I don't mind
supporting, but don't think incredibly useful), and that also maps
better to a GenBook.


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