[sword-devel] Debian and Ubuntu packages

Eeli Kaikkonen eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi
Sat Jan 24 01:41:52 MST 2009

Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> 4) GUI module manager - one of the results of them packaging modules is
> that our GUI module managers in BT and GS can not remove packages. A
> suggestion raised (and a good one in my view) was that the package
> manager could check if privileges for writing are there for a particular
> location and if not seek authentication via + use sudo. In my view this
> is desirable.

This doesn't work, it's not compatible with all distros. Sudo is not 
necessarily installed at all, and it may be configured differently. If 
the app developers find a good solution for their app (some Gnome 
security system for GS; BibleTime will be in more difficult situation 
because it will not have KDE), then go ahead. But remember that it's 
always a security risk and IFAIK we don't have experience about those 
kind of things. Yet security should be taken very seriously.

I have one solution for the larger problem in mind.

Would it be possible to write a small module, a genbook, which has short 
  explanation in several languages? Something like:

1 English
1.1 About this text
	This text is a a Sword Project module. It can be used by several
	frontend applications [...] You can remove this module from your
	system [...]
1.2 How to install more texts?
1.2.1 BibleTime
	Open the Bookshelf Manager from the Settings menu.
1.2.2 GnomeSword
1.2.3 Command line
2. Suomi
2.1 Tietoja tästä tekstistä
2.2 Kuinka asentaa lisää tekstejä?
1.2.1 BibleTime
1.2.2 GnomeSword
1.2.3 Komentorivi

Then this module could be given to the packagers. It could be a 
dependency for GS and BT (or the library).

--Eeli Kaikkonen

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