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On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 12:41 AM, DM Smith <dmsmith555 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> ICU has the notion of a collation key, which can be used for such a
> purpose. (I think we've gotten to the point where ICU is a requirement for
> UTF-8 modules.) In ICU, the collation key is locale dependent. (For example,
> Germans sort accent marks differently than French. In Spanish dictionaries,
> at least older ones, ch come before ca.) I really don't see any way around
> having a static collation for a module. If so, the collation would need to
> be fixed wrt either a fixed locale or a locale based upon the language of
> the module.

ICU is not a requirement for using UTF-8 modules; rather than use ICU, most
frontends (certainly BPBible, GnomeSword, BibleTime and I think MacSword as
well) have defined their own string manager code (generally using the
platform - qt, glib or python).

Personally, BPBible doesn't use ICU for two reasons - the extra size for ICU
and the transliterators it supplies. When compiling with ICU, it adds
transliteration filters, which are really buggy - crashes, mixed up xml,

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