[sword-devel] OSIS Commentaries

Dan Blake danblake at tcdr.com
Tue Jan 20 11:09:49 MST 2009

This may not be possible, but it might help.

If someone has the Zarnegar word processor they could:
1.  Install one of the "Print to PDF" printers.
2.  Capture LPT1 to the "Print to PDF" printer.
3.  Print the document to PDF to see if you get a more usable document

Daniel Blake
> And that is the problem. It is now unicode. It was originally written in
> Zarnegar. Zarnegar is a DOS based ancient Word processor specific for
> the Iranian area. Its format is highly proprietary and the importers are
> all struggling. I got the best I could get, but it is bad. Of particular
> concern are the references which are jumbled. I start to determine
> patterns, but  frankly it is a mess.

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