[sword-devel] XSL sheets for SVN

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Jan 17 13:14:17 MST 2009

We have tools for document conversion and other misc stuff under 


This would be a natural place for these.  Though if we're keeping them 
under svn, we should be clear if we're maintaining our own codebase or 
just preserving the version we use and note where we obtained it.

Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> Over the last year or so a fair bunch of XSL sheets loosely connected to
> module making have come about or were mentioned here on the list, often
> partially completed and published via attachments on the mailing list.
> Right now I am aware of
> 1) a XSL sheet for exporting OSIS Genbooks from ODF
> 2) a XSL sheet by SIL to transform BSP OSIS to BCV OSIS (necessary for
> GoBible)
> 3) some start on a ThML2OSIS sheet
> 4) a sheet distributed by Snowfall for OSIS2USFM not under GPL but
> useful for us and modifiable per licence
> My suggestion is that we create a corner in SVN where these sheets are
> maintained and expanded upon.
> I personally have a strong interest in them and I can think of a few
> others here on the list who would also feel called to help and expand on
> that. To have them under SVN would make this a lot easier.
> Peter
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