[sword-devel] FlashCards and Fonts

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Jan 9 23:38:53 MST 2009

Dear Gerald,

Each flashcard lesson has a font entry specific for that lesson.  There 
are 2 fonts shipped with flashcards and you should see them in the top 
directory after unzipping.  These 2 fonts are what the lessons use 
(greek and hebrew separately)  You can drop any font here you want, and 
specify the name in the lesson file replacing the name of these fonts. 
I realize this isn't "definitely 'end' user" instructions, but this is 
the only way currently.  I believe there used to be a way to specify the 
font in the lesson editor but we lost this somewhere along the way.

The size is supposed to be optimized based on the size of the window, so 
as you enlarge the app window, the font size should increase.  This 
needs a little work, but works ok much of the time.


Gerald Zimmerman wrote:
> Hello,
> Can I change the FlashCards fonts and font sizes as a Windows XP end user? If so, where can I find very basic, simple, definitely "end" user instructions?
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