[sword-devel] BOM and Osis2Mod

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 6 08:38:54 MST 2009

Ian Wagner wrote:
> See http://unicode.org/faq/utf_bom.html#bom1. It indicates the 
> encoding that the file is written in, be it big-endian (most 
> siginificant byte to least significant byte-- the way that we write, 
> and the way the PowerPC stores numbers in memory), or little-endian 
> (the reverse and the way intel processors store numbers in memory).

Thanks for the link. On the same page, it states that UTF-8 only has a 
single ordering of bytes. There is only one BOM appropriate for it: EF 
BB BF. As osis2mod only works for UTF-8 and cp1252 (Win Latin 1), the 
presence of it would be noise. If another BOM is present, I think 
osis2mod should fail.
In Him,
> Ian
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> Dr!nk m0r3 J0lt ^_^
> On Jan 6, 2009, at 10:18 AM, DM Smith wrote:
>> Wolfgang Schultz wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> if the utf-8 OSIS file has a BOM  ( Byte Order Mark some editors
>>> insert one) Osis2Mod will fail to make a sword-modul, it were nice if
>>> this would be fixed, because it will cause lot of problems in further
>>> steps :(
>> What does a byte order mark mean for a UTF-8 file? Is it just noise?
>> If it is just noise, the change is easy and I'll make it.
>> In Christ's Service,
>> DM 

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