[sword-devel] Concerns about Alternate Versification

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Jan 6 02:35:33 MST 2009

Basically, alternate versification support is phase 1. Mapping between 
versifications is phase 2.

Jonathan Morgan wrote:
> I am also concerned about the choice of using Genbooks to represent
> books, just based (as far as I can tell) on the fact that we already
> have Genbook support.  Is there any technical reason that makes the
> Genbook reference "/Gen/3/2" superior?  Remember that this is not
> being displayed to the user at all, so we are at liberty to choose any
> representation we like.  The Genbook representation allows all sorts
> of invalid data - I could have /Gen/2, or /Gen/something or other/some
> random text/2/3.

Perhaps you're not very familiar with different versification schemes, 
but there are common cases where chapters are identified as letters or 
by words. See Esther in an NRSVA or Sirach in virtually any translation 
for examples of these, respectively.

However, GenBooks are an internal format and their key representation is 
not relevant to you, as a frontend developer, since you should be able 
to access them via the same methods as any other Bible. The translation 
from one key format to another (/b/c/v to/from b c:v) will be handled 
within the library.

> I have no idea whether this is supported by
> OSIS, but I seem to remember there is a canonical attribute that might
> support this kind of action.

No, that is not what the canonical attribute means/is for.


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