[sword-devel] Getting rid of BibleCS (was Re: [bt-devel] Eureka!!)

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Feb 26 19:02:55 MST 2009

Daniel Owens wrote:
> This discussion about deprecating BibleCS is no doubt fueled by the fact
> that it's name suggests it is THE flagship program for Windows. To be
> sure, for English (and other ascii-friendly languages) users, it is a
> feature rich alternative. However, given that it has limitations with
> regard to non-ascii support for localization and module navigation, I
> don't think it should dominate over other front-ends. 

> [..]
> 1. Rename BibleCS to something less dominating than "The SWORD Project
> for Windows." Call it BibleCS or whatever, but rename it. (One could
> argue that MacSword would also need to be renamed, but I don't think
> that's the case. MacSword is undergoing continuous development, not just
> maintained and supported as with BibleCS.)

I support this.

> 2. Add a comparison table for desktop front-ends called "Which SWORD
> application is right for me?" or something like that. I would be happy
> to contribute to this. It could include columns for OS's supported, RtoL
> support, localization, layout style, development status (not maintained,
> maintained, under ongoing development, etc.), and other items. I may put
> something up on the wiki and see where it goes. If it becomes useful for
> the main page at some point then it can be moved.

I think this is an excellent idea.


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