[sword-devel] Getting rid of BibleCS (was Re: [bt-devel] Eureka!!)

Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Thu Feb 26 18:51:35 MST 2009

This discussion about deprecating BibleCS is no doubt fueled by the fact 
that it's name suggests it is THE flagship program for Windows. To be 
sure, for English (and other ascii-friendly languages) users, it is a 
feature rich alternative. However, given that it has limitations with 
regard to non-ascii support for localization and module navigation, I 
don't think it should dominate over other front-ends. But with a name 
like, "The SWORD Project for Windows," it is almost certainly going to 
be the first choice for casual first-time users (especially if they get 
the CD!). I would like to propose two things:

1. Rename BibleCS to something less dominating than "The SWORD Project 
for Windows." Call it BibleCS or whatever, but rename it. (One could 
argue that MacSword would also need to be renamed, but I don't think 
that's the case. MacSword is undergoing continuous development, not just 
maintained and supported as with BibleCS.)

2. Add a comparison table for desktop front-ends called "Which SWORD 
application is right for me?" or something like that. I would be happy 
to contribute to this. It could include columns for OS's supported, RtoL 
support, localization, layout style, development status (not maintained, 
maintained, under ongoing development, etc.), and other items. I may put 
something up on the wiki and see where it goes. If it becomes useful for 
the main page at some point then it can be moved.


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