[sword-devel] SwordWeb and Javascript/AJAX

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Feb 23 06:14:50 MST 2009

Just to get some feedback here :

Currently Swordweb largely does not rely on Javascript - and the few
places where it does use Javascript, can be turned off + functionality
is then done on the server.

We are thinking of hugely expanding the use of javascript but that would
probably require to dump the ability to turn JS off  unless we want to
duplicate lots and lots of code.

A few years back it seems this would have been a huge issue, but now I
find that every other site is using AJAX to their hearts content without
people complaining about it anymore.

We will package the existing site as a release after fixing the the last
few bugs of which we are aware, so that those who want/need a swordweb
without AJAX can get it.

So, my question is - would you feel this is a bad move?


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