[sword-devel] tests build error

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Mon Feb 23 01:03:03 MST 2009

Hi Greg.

malloc.h has to be available, it is part of libc.

Candit:~ mbergmann$ find /usr/include/* -name "malloc.h"

Maybe the include path is not correct.


Am 23.02.2009 um 07:24 schrieb Greg Hellings:

> I was compiling 1.5.11 on my Mac today and it choked during building
> the tests on icutest.cpp, complaining that it didn't have a header
> malloc.h.  Normally I wouldn't be too concerned with that, but SWORD
> has given me no end of problems linking against ICU on the Mac in the
> past, I'd really like to get the icutest.cpp working and building on
> Macs.  I'm not sure where to find malloc.h or what to do about its
> absence - someone more informed on those subtle differences can
> hopefully point me in the right direction.
> --Greg
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