[sword-devel] SwordReader Module Installer

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Feb 7 22:25:27 MST 2009

SonWon wrote:
> Please give David and I your opinion.
> We are discussing the module installer for SwordReader.
> Should it be windows based only?
> Leaves the MAC and Linux users out in the cold.

Don't PocketPCs still "require" Windows for ActiveSync purposes? Are 
there any precedents for content installers for Mac/Linux?

I have a feeling the percentage of Windows Mobile users who don't use 
Windows PCs is extremely low--much lower than the percentages of Palm, 
iPhone, or Android users using non-Windows OSes on the desktop. So I 
suspect that if an installer for Mac or Linux requires any additional 
effort, it's probably not the best use of time resources.

> Or PDA based only?
> Makes it harder for some people to install since they may not know they 
> have Internet access while synced with the PC.

An installer on the system is nice. From playing with the iPhone front 
end, I can say I would much prefer doing installs directly on the device 
to doing them on a PC and syncing.

I think people are going to need instructions, regardless of how the 
installer works, so I wouldn't worry about their not yet knowing about 
the network connection during sync.


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