[sword-devel] FreCrampon module: versification problem for Malachi 4

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Feb 3 11:45:23 MST 2009

Any versification that is fundamentally different from what I used to 
produce the existing FreCrampon module is an incorrect versification. 
That is not to discount the possibility of minor errors in versification 
in my own edition, but my module's versification is fundamentally 
correct and any attempt to push this text into a KJV versification is 

We want to represent the actual text, as one would find it in a printed 
edition, as well as possible, given various technical limitations. I can 
understand the desire to perform lookup based on another versification 
and get the expected parallel passage (e.g. lookup a verse in KJV:Mal.4 
and get a verse in Mal.3 of FreCrampon). Plenty of software does that. 
But re-versifying the base text from its native versification to a 
foreign one is not reasonable/not acceptable/not an option. We don't do 
that and never will.

(NB: We have texts that have been re-versified in this undesirable 
fashion, but the change to a source without this kind of versification 
mangling is considered a valuable upgrade in quality.)


Jens_G wrote:
> I have a *.vpl with no error in versnumbering.
> http://www.grabner-online.org/download/vpl/sf_crampon23_4_vpl.zip
> sf_crampon23_4_vpl.zip 
> Peter von Kaehne wrote:
>> David Haslam wrote:
>>> Selecting Malachi 4 in FreCrampon gives an empty text display.
>>> Selecting Malachi 3 shows that the text for Mal 4:1-6 is included within
>>> Mal
>>> 3:18.
>>> Why is this? Can this be corrected?
>>> btw.  It causes errors when tools such as MOD2IMP are used.
>>> -- David
>> This is one of many modules which will benefit from the new gen book
>> bibles.
>> It appears that the FreCrampon uses the same scheme as Luther bibles in
>> Germany.
>> The same problem there.
>> Peter
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