[sword-devel] [mobile-devel] SwordReader beta 1

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Mon Feb 2 09:18:06 MST 2009

Hi David .........

David Trotz wrote:
> I am happy to announce my first official beta version of SwordReader 
> since the rewrite I started early last year. 

Wow!!!  I am SO impressed.  It does everything I could have hoped for. 
I haven't tried everything yet, but there seems to be no real problem 
with any of the versions I had already on my Pocket PC.  Only thing was 
I had to move all the stuff around.  My mods.d and modules were in 
/storage card/sword/ and the latest build is geared up to look for them 
in a specific location (or rather two specific locations) and not in the 
current directory as I had done.  This is no criticism - I'm more than 
happy with the way it looks and feels.

I'll try it out a whole lot more in the next few days and make further 
comments (if I have any).  David, it's brilliant.  Thank you so much!!!

When you get around to lookng at the module installer stuff, let me know 
if you want me to add any comments to particular bits of the code.  It's 
been a while, but I will probably remember how it's supposed to work.

God bless,

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