[sword-devel] SwordReader beta 1

David Trotz dtrotzjr at crosswire.org
Mon Feb 2 00:10:01 MST 2009

I am happy to announce my first official beta version of SwordReader 
since the rewrite I started early last year. This version as 95% of all 
the functionality I expect to have in a 2.0 release. I plan to spend 
however long it takes in the beta phase to have a solid first release. I 
can use all the feedback and testers I can get in order to achieve this 
goal, so I am cc'ing this email to the sword-devel list.

This current build has support for biblical texts, commentaries, and 
Biblical texts have support for strongs/morph pop ups as well as 
footnotes and cross-references.
Commentaries have support for scriptural reference pop-ups.
Dictionaries should have support for scriptural references, but as of 
yet they do not.
All views can be accessed from the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Known issues:
If you switch from the bible view to a commentary view while the text is 
still loading, then try to load a scriptural reference from the 
commentary, there is a good chance you will crash the application.
Smartphone support is not included in this build. Not sure when we will 
get Smartphone support back.

Grab a copy at (includes KJV):
To have any fun you will want to grab a few bibles, commentaries, 
dictionaries, and strong's greek and hebrew modules.
Some suggested modules:
ESV           - 
JFB           - 
MHC           - 
Websters      - 
StrongsGreek  - 
StrongsHebrew - 

Un-zip them into the root directory of where you installed SwordReader
If you installed it onto the device it is:
/Program Files/swordreader/
If you installed it onto a storage card it is:
/Storage Card/Program Files/swordreader/

Please use the mobile-devel list to discuss this build, and use 
http://mantis.swordreader.org to report bugs which will allow me to 
track and fix them efficiently.


In Christ,
David Trotz

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