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Dmitrijs Ledkovs dmitrij.ledkov at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 13:52:59 MST 2009

2009/12/30 Matthew Talbert <ransom1982 at gmail.com>:
>> Does anyone think this is just a stupid idea? With Twitter's character
>> limit, most of our updates will be cut off to some degree, but at least it
>> gets (some of) the information out there.
> Not sure if you're asking about Twitter in general or twitterfeed, but
> anyway. I used to think twitter was pretty pointless, but I'm starting
> to get what it's all about now. With Google now getting into the live
> search thing, it definitely raises awareness on the web in general to
> have tweets about a project.
> I'd suggest a shorter hash tag; #sword seems fairly unused. Perhaps we
> can all use that for sword and frontend related tweets?
> There is also a twitter feed for Xiphos,
> http://twitter.com/XiphosBible. I can't promise it will have anything
> useful or even get updated, but we'll see :)
> Matthew

I love identi.ca (although twitter is more popular) and facebook and
the whole micro-blogging stuff =)

Although it seems to me a good idea to post updates on ohloh and relay
that onto twitter ;-)

Can you aggregate ohloh xiphos updates? [1]

I post stuff there about Xiphos now. Cause I can do it from my Jabber
account ;-)

On related stuff can we have a Planet Sword? Similar to Ubuntu
Planet[2], Debian Plane[3]t etc? Cause that would be really cool ;-)

A few xiphos dev's use google reader but it doesn't join all
developers & writers & users across our ecosystem.

[1] https://www.ohloh.net/p/xiphos/messages.rss or
https://www.ohloh.net/p/xiphos/messages (web)
[2] http://planet.ubuntu.com/
[3] http://planet.debian.org/

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