[sword-devel] Twitter

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Dec 29 20:39:08 MST 2009

Quick note/RFC:
For a week or two, there's been a @TheSWORDProject account on Twitter 
(http://twitter.com/TheSWORDProject). I plan to use it for the usual 
promotional purposes (retweeting news from @PocketSword and any other 
front ends that create a presence on Twitter, communicating with users, 
announcements, and such).

Today I hooked it up to the services at Twitterfeed, which monitors an 
RSS feed and tweets any updates. Currently, I have Twitterfeed 
monitoring the Sword news feed and the new public modules feed. (The 
latter needs a little adjustment to look good.)

Does anyone think this is just a stupid idea? With Twitter's character 
limit, most of our updates will be cut off to some degree, but at least 
it gets (some of) the information out there.

(And to whomever owns the Facebook CrossWire account: Twitterfeed can 
post updates to Facebook as well, if you want to grab a Twitterfeed 
account and hook it up.)


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