[sword-devel] regex

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 11:44:37 MST 2009

I have pushed a patched version of gnu regex 2.9 to Launchpad. This
compiles with MinGW. There is a Makefile which will make a dll, a
libtool archive (.dll.a), and a MSVS import library (.lib).

I've also uploaded a source package [1], a binary package [2], and a
development package [3]. The binary package contains just the dll. The
development package you'll need to link against the dll with either
gcc or Visual Studio.

This should be a good replacement for SWORD's internal regex for
everyone building utilities or frontends for Windows. Because it is a
C library, you can use the dll with any compiler you like. There have
been lots of bug fixes in regex since the version SWORD has. It has no
dependencies other than msvcrt.

If anyone wants to create any patches that will enable this to be
compiled with Visual Studio, I will be happy to commit those as well.
You can get the code via "bzr branch lp:~xiphos-devel/gnuregex/main".


[1] http://launchpad.net/gnuregex/trunk/2.9/+download/libgnurx-src-2.9.zip
[2] http://launchpad.net/gnuregex/trunk/2.9/+download/libgnurx-2.9.zip
[3] http://launchpad.net/gnuregex/trunk/2.9/+download/libgnurx-dev-2.9.zip

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